Monday, April 23, 2012

Introductory Course in Leather Binding for Beginners to Intermediate Levels

After a series of negotiations we are able to offer an integrated  series of Workshops to help you gain more experience and explore the use of leather in binding. Too many people are wary of this but we are offering you the satisfaction of gaining these skills with the help of professional binders of many years experience.

Saturday 2nd  The Important First Step

Graham Stone will help you to Sew book sections on 4 cords, using a sewing frame, in the peace of the Bindery where the phone will not interrupt you as you develop a rhythm. Prepared book blocks are needed for the  binding workshops. The sections will be provided by the Guild.
Half Day   Afternoon   From 12.30- 4.00 pm   $30

Saturday 16th
Experience Book Decoration  Methods.
Some of the enjoyment of binding comes from the decoration of books and the Guild has both an edge gilding machine and a blocking machine. Edges can also be coloured and painted.  Graham Stone and Adrienne Allen will demonstrate these techniques to small groups during the day.
Full Day $65

Saturday 7th

Wayne Stock will teach a Workshop on Sharpening and Using Leather Paring Tools followed by a session of leather paring. This will be further experience for beginners or  a useful revision for other binders.
Full Day $65

Saturday   21st
David Newbold will teach  Making a Case Binding with a Leather Spine. The text block will be provided by the Guild already sewn.    The boards will be covered with book cloth or paper from the  bindery stocks and the spine will be covered with leather. This will give you experience with a  classic book binding style. There will also be demonstrations of a full leather case and an alternate extra letterpress.
Full Day $75 includes some materials

Saturday and Sunday 18/19th

 Garry Lavis will be the Tutor for a weekend course on Letterpress Binding a book block sewn on cords that will be prepared by you before the class, as it takes two days to teach the forwarding process.
Two Days $150 includes some materials. More details under the Pages heading of the blog.

Please seee How to book page for more information.

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